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Keep Your Head Up Lyrics

I know, what leads up to a fall.
As I sing, it brings the ground up to my jaw.

A busted lip, is from where the blood drips.
I fell right on my face.
All my hopes, and my plans, and my dreams.
Just slid right out of place.

Now tell me Mr. Owl, exactly …
how many trips does it take.
To get to the center of the track,
and see it took you out of the race.

The head's too big!
Right and left leg, brace for impact,
the neck's about to give.

That's affirmative command,
but we can't do this own our own.
So talk to the hands.

Sorry we've been compromised
shoudlers raised us in the air,
elbows locked us to the sky.

And we're throwing up some signs.
Victory, I'm number one,
but we've yet to cross the line.
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About Jaice
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I’m a singing songwriter from Southern California. I love blending different musical genres together, and then telling stories over them. My lyrics come from my own life experiences and observations of the world around me.

My goal is to make songs that resonate with people either musically or lyrically, but hopefully both. I hope you listen, relate and share!

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